This is another wedding handled by a friend of mine Agnes from Favors Essence. We met up in Le Petit Studio before the wedding day together with Agnes and Eddie is such a funny guy and it ended with many laughters. Both of them had actually gone through a very long relationship together, yes and we did many couples with long term relationships. Usually couples with long term relationships are outwardly cool but inertly warm. During the wedding day, Joanne had her make up done in Cyberlodge, a wonderful occasion and found out that one of my old friend was in the wedding, and she was pregnant hehe. It was a typical gate crash with bunch of angry girls with ambitious guys. But one of the moments I am able to recall was when Eddie was made to sing to Joanne outside the door, and the way he sing the song was very comforting, it was a funny song but I guess there was a lot of sweetness in there. Joanne heard the song and she cried. And Eddie was made to eat a piece of durian which he never willing to stuck a piece in his mouth in real life, and he did. In the end of the wedding, there comes the wedding dinner, nicely set up by Agnes, this time it is a sakura theme. And I kind of like the Sakura theme because its all in cold colours. The whole set up was filled with blue and the pictures turned out pretty rejoicing, something different. Many thanks to Agnes and the team, and Eddie and Joanne as well. Before I end this blog post, Eddie, if you see this, your cup that you purchased in Empire is still in my studio, please come to pick it up. Hehe.