Jone and Ferng is not stranger, if you have read the blog, they were our couple in the recent Bali Pre-Wedding. Right after the pre-wedding session we have been chatting since and they had also enquire about my other pre-wedding destinations, I guess they are addicted to being shoot. And we found this little opportunity where they are having a small ROM in JPN Ipoh, they asked if there are anything to be shot there and I said there must be something that I can shoot LOL. And so I travelled all the way to ipoh, my hometown, to cover their small little ROM session and going back home on the same day. 

Jone's mom is a unique mom where she kept her beauty pretty well, and there was one time Ferng was telling me that she feel stressful because his mom was the miss Ipoh a while ago. And finally get to see his mom and she just looked like a 30 year old lady. Did a few shots right after the ROM, I did not mind much as I go there just to kill some time and have some fun with them, so we went to this cool little cafe for some shots again, and they were all very energetic, I was almost collapsed LOL from the alcohol consumed that afternoon. They were such a good drinker, well so am I but I don't drink much. I intentionally post a picture where we were drinking to show how funny these people were. Thanks to Jone and Ferng for everything, I am able to recall back our old memories back in Bali that day, where we all had 40 bottles of beer a day before the shooting day and we forgot to pay the bills. Yeah, what an experience.