You might be surprised to see this post here, for your information, both pictures above were not captured by us, we grab it through the internet in order to give a good comparison. Definately do not want to use our own client's picture because it might offended them haha. 

First of all, why we believe that a wedding is like a day of Christmas, well it comes from long experience. In this industry we meet new people everyday, shoot different couple in every assignment, of couse you can agree with me that we see many positive things but on the other hand, we also see something which we considered a negative trend. And simply a facebook post will not be sufficient to described what we feel. Thats why we write a blog. Hoping that we are able to do a little changes, because we love every couple, and your wedding is a once in a lifetime thingy.

I think you are able to agree with us that, if a couple are truly fall in love and decide to get married, if there is no social or parental influence, everything will go according your way, your wedding will be a celebration of both couple that decided to spend their life together. Every bit of the wedding are filled with genuiness. However, due to social influence, parents decision, and all the facinating wedding that you saw in facebook, your original mind got deviated in between. And in the end, your wedding is simply to satisfy your friends, your family, and to recognize ones status. How can that happened? We can try to provide some examples below.

In reality wedding pictures are meant to enjoyed by both couple but because we have friends, our original intention has been forgotten. Often times couple were stressed because they wanted pictures to satisfy other people's eye, but not for their own eyes. Thats why if I ever want to take wedding pictures for my own, I just want those pictures that me and my love ones can appreciate, because my friends will never going to appreciate 100% of those pictures because only me and my wife will be able to understand them. 

In reality a wedding is a celebration of both couple that decide to spend their life together. If there isn't a meaning of love that both eager to rejoice, why a wedding would take place? Just like how many people celebrate chrstmas in present world; if you bought a christmas tree without knowing the meaning of christmas, you are only celebrating the beauty of christmas day but not christmas itself. As for wedding, we do not want to eleborate more but we sure that you know what we trying to express. :) 

Therefore, to those wonderful couple that planning to celebrate your life together, we hope that you could look back the past, and recall those important memories of both of you, and think about the meaning of the wedding day, what both of you really want. Forget about the trend, facebook influences, your friend might have a very grand wedding but never let it affect your decision, your friend might went to Paris for their wedding shoot but you can still settle your portrait in your backyard, your friends might have gate crash session but you can still go without one, your friend might tell you that red or orange is the most trendy color of the year but you can still go for the color that connects you, your might be influenced a lot from the word "pose" but you can neglect to pose during your portrait session because you wanted to be authentic and real, .

Because it is your wedding, and you both should deserve a perfect decision that does not influenced by social trend (they always teach you bad things), family pressure (well sometimes you have to give in, no choice. But not all~ =P), peer pressure (don't care about them, just be yourself). Okie Dokie? Have a good one~ 


Dennis Yap and Team.

Merry Christmas!!!


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