One day Pinko called me up and said that she need my help to capture her pre-wedding in a hurry because she is pregnant. So we met up very quick and spoke about the shoot, and we discussed about the Trash The Dress idea and they immediately up for it. I asked if it is okay to have paint on her body since she was pregnant and she said it is okay. As both of them related to the colourland paint (family business), they brought over a few bucket of paint together with them. We first finished off the formal session in our studio, and head to the abandoned rail road for some shots. And we had paint all over the area and it ended with lots of fun and laughters. It is a pretty interesting idea and especially Trash The Dress is one of my favourite session. When we spoke about Trash The Dress, it is a style of wedding photography session where the bride will be trashing her dress in order to signify loving the one and only one, expressing love as in all loyal, never married or fall in love with another one ever again. It is a way to express the significant value of a marriage. For the past I have covered a couple of Trash The Dress, and loving it since then. As in the industry we have seen many Trash The Dress session and most are simply a reflection of art but seldom able to reflect the true values of the session. Many thanks to Alex and Pinko, wish to see both of you some day again. :)