We have received many enquiries asking about the look of our premium album. Here it is, ever since we launched this album since beginning 2012 it has been an all time favorite for every couple that engaged us. Right after they see the album they fell in love and got mezmerized right away. Over the years we have been personalizing, this album were created with many thoughts behind. It is not just an album but something that reflect what we believe over the years, specially tailored for you. And you only get it in Dennis Yap Photography*. We want something that enable you to recall the past and enhances your feelings after many years to come. Thus, this album is not created for now but for the future. I particularly love the pattern indicated infront of the box, we named it The Tree of Life. A book for many generations to come. It also signifies the meaning of Life, overpowers the meaning of love. As we believe that the meaning of life comes after many encounters of love. Lots of love.


Dennis Yap