Cheryl and Kenny stayed very close to our Studio in Empire, what a coincidence, in fact just realised that I have covered 3 families in the past on the same road where Cheryl live. When I entered to Cheryl's room, facing her bed was a big painting of a fatty lady. I asked Cheryl if she love the painting and she told me that she love to see giant ladies. Just so happened her make up artist was about the similar size, and for that moment I take note of myself, am I the giant type as well.. hmm.... feeling worried LOL. And later came the groom Kenny, and all his groomsmen were dressed up with the funny shirt thats sells in Thailand, with the wording "GAME OVER" below a married couple, you should know which one. All of them were funny, casual, layback. I am sure that Kenny did it for fun, and the day ended after lunch.

However, there has been a myth in this assignment that I have not able to discover why. Did I just aroused your curiosity? At first Cheryl had booked me for a full day package but for some reason we were told that the wedding was cancelled and later they settled with a half day assignment. And one day while I was browsing the web and went into Malaysia bride forum and found that my package was for sale, on the same date which is today, and realise that they are looking for a couple to buy over the date. Though I knew it was not possible as per our policy but it was quite a surprise. Therefore on that wedding day, I was very excited to find out why, but it seemed that everything was quite well organised and worked out quite fine. As a photographer, most of the time we can only based on observation, we can never get to understand the whole story unless we were told. But one thing I do realise that, the more story the couple expresses, regardless it is good or bad, those story can help us in creating something more extraordinary. :)