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A specific wedding can be the same but different people produces different result! If you ever wonder why some photo are touching and why some doesn't; why some photos are able to make you cry and some you do not have any feeling with it; why some photos are able to make you agree with him (the shooter) but some you just disagree all the way; why some photos are very grand and artistic but you just can't seem to click with it. In this workshop we have the answer for you. And we aim to make you even better.

Aside from "The Hidden Treasure" workshop that Dennis had conducted earlier, that workshop described ways to make things real so that the shooter can acknowledge his responsibility (those people that had attended the workshop will know what I am talking about. =P). For this The Spirit of Emotions workshop its all about the photographer's efford; his mind, skill, techniques and vision in order for him to distinguishes himself from the rest. In simple terms, this workshop is all about expressing the individual's heart, which I called it "The Spirit". 

50% of the cost of this workshop are sponsored by our clients as we use 5% of our revenue to promote social awareness. The Spirit of Emotions is part of our effort to inspire, to acknowledge and to educate. This is the reason that our workshops are always reasonable because we believe that as a market player, we should not be charging sky high for education, and education is important for the growth of humanity. Believe me, it is true~ we mean it.

For those attendees that have attended this workshop before we urge you to attend again as the previous we have did was 2 years ago. Majority of the topic that will be discussed here has been evolved over time. Seats are limited to 15 pax in Le Petit Studio. We are proud to have our own studio to host this workshop and it is the first time to have it here, the home of Dennis Yap Photography*. Hope to see you here~ and do take your chance to make some friends. :)