Robert and Annie known each other during Robert's trip to Singapore, and they shared a lot of laughters together, Robert works in a drug manufacturing company while he ensures the drugs were meeting certain standards prior to launch. Yes, Robert is the nerdy one, his brother as well hehe. My first impression to Robert is he look so much like a scientist. For this special day, Robert flew over his close family from Vancouver to Sandakan and Annie flew over from Singapore. It was the first time where Robert heard about the gate crash and most people were very new to this idea, so it was interesting to see how they react to it, but since most people were not young, the gate crash was very simple and short. 

It was not my first visit to Sandakan, there are some nice memories behind this small little town. I remember the moment I stepped into Annie's room and start snapping, and a guy beside me asked if I am Dennis Yap and start observing how I snap. But in fact its nothing special, it just snap snap all the way hehe. Annie's family was a little reserved. For those that just known Annie one might think that she is a bridezilla but in fact she is a very kind hearted lady. So right after the wedding day we were both sharing about the wedding day. Looking forward to meet her and her friends in Singapore during my next trip.