Known Bee Peng 3 years ago while covering Lai Peng's ROM. During Lai Peng's wedding day Bee Peng came over and asked about my charges and Bee Peng confirmed right after she received a date for the wedding. These group of friends have a very close friendship, therefore the wedding day is more towards making the family and friends happy, filled with blessings and love. Bee Peng is a rather shy bride compared to Lai Peng. She even told me not to shoot that much and just have a great time mingling around, of course I would not do that, I know in the end those precious pictures will be something significant for them. During wedding luncheon, You Weng made a very cute animation that expresses the love between You Weng and Bee Peng and began to notice You Weng's talent, those animation were very cute and memorable. We simply love to provide the most memorable experience for couples, though the wedding seemed to be a little structured, we initiated a small little beloved session right after the wedding day, just to give them a unique experience for a life time. And it is so easy to do that each time right after the wedding day where the mood is still there, and You Weng and Bee Peng was pouring a little of emotions into it. Making it a unique moment to be remembered. Thanks to Bee Peng for believe in my work. Hope to see you again in another wedding. :)