Life's that Simple is a unique theme created for Bryan and Chin See, where both person just enjoyed life together, in a simple way. To be honest, this is one of my dream theme, just need to find the right candidate, and when I heard about Bryan and Chin See's story, I seemed to be able to relate it. Chin See enjoys having breakfast with Bryan every morning, and she just felt that it is a sweet thing to be embraced as a loving couple. Where things doesn't require to be grand, but small little things are able to make this couple the most happy person in the world, as long as the person one love is right beside you. So we picked this unique location in Yut Kee Restaurant, a well known place for its original vintage style. Had something simple, and all the nice and memorable shots just appeared.

Right before the assignment, I have actually personally experience the beauty of simplicity myself, eating just a normal bread, enjoying bits by bits trying to come up with this unique idea behind in order for me to be self contented during the shoot. My experience were able to relate to those shots that I am about to produce, one by one, with lots of feelings and enjoyment. I must say, I am very pleased with the result, even though it is a simple love portrait, but I just hope to get everything right for them. Peace of mind.  

But of course, while Bryan and Chin See are working in Singapore, there are indeed a level of stress, but I told them that Singapore culture is in need of these kind of values and I know that their friends are able to appreciate the theme, and so they rely the creation on me. And after delivered the pictures to them, they had gone to develop many prints and canvas and made their room filled with these shots, and of course, I wish that everyday, they are able to relate to these great values of love, and love each other even more everyday.