Yes, its now Amelia's turn. Well me and Amelia had met up a couple of times but I only met with Edwin during the wedding dinner. Amelia handles most of the stuffs in the wedding, for whoever that had came close with Amelia will put her in the top list for many things hehe. I remember we met up in Starbucks Empire Gallery and she were bombarding with questions and stuff, so I gave her a bunch of my favourite vendor list like a wedding planner, and in return I receive called from them asking me "who is Amelia?", laughed all the way, and sometimes she can be very demanding and post her harsh comments on Facebook. Her name was quite well known in the industry for a while but I was surprised that for many times I heard Amelia bombarding around making complaints but she had never being fussy at me, maybe I served her like a queen LOL. Well, there is no harm for being a bridezilla, in fact I just love them, because they are the ones I like to joke around with, and usually every year we can only get around like 3 bridezilla's the most, so they are really rare. 

Amelia loves her family and friends, every lady has a soft part, and spent the whole night capturing all sorts of stuffs. One of the tough part was the ceiling was covered all over with red cloths so it is harder to apply lightings. I was surprised I bumped with with a potential couple on that night who are good friends of Amelia. So her hubby asked what do I think about the set up. For that moment I paused a while and think how should I reply his question. Well if I answer "amazing!" that is probably a lie because I have seen that much. But in another perspective Amelia might think that it is an amazing one. But if I answer "soso!", then it would be not nice because I am giving the potential couple a form of pressure. Well my final answer is "it is nice, it can be nicer without the red cloth on the ceiling". Hehe.... but right after I replied, I receive another question: "What would be the best wedding setup?", so I replied him "that might be better answer by a wedding planner". ^_^ Yey... everyones happy now.

Thanks Amelia, though I have not heard of you a lot after the wedding, but to be honest, I am quite happy that you were satisfied with the pictures, after you have received everything. That is most important. Cheers.