Met up this couple over in Bangsar and found out that Ji San and I had a lot of friends in common back from college times while we were in the States. Kwan Yeow is also a very humble looking guy, a very obvious feature about Kwan Yeow is his sexy lips. Ji San and I had a very long chat history but unfortunately I was unable to cover her ROM and Wedding Day. At first Ji San and Kwan Yeow had booked me for all events, an ROM in beautiful Janda Baik and Wedding Day in KL, which both of them most looked forward but due to some minor date changes I have to let go for both events and covering her wedding dinner in Ipoh. However, this does not stop us chatting a some time lol. I remember one day Ji San and Kwan Yeow had sent me an SMS saying "Thanks for meeting us. We are really sad that you couldn't help us take nice pics during our very special day. What we miss most about you is the fun squirmy side of you that we are so comfortable with. This is somebody we were always looking for to work with but its God's call. Haha. Thanks for everything and please help think of some nice ideas where to take when we are in Ipoh. Nites!" The moment I looked at the message, I really hope that I can really split my body into halve so that I can satisfy everyone, but reality it is impossible. But I am sure that they will hire a good one hehe, maybe not as crazy as me but certain can take nice pictures I guess. 

Aside from pictures, I guess Ji San is one of the very fortunate bride in my list. Having 4-5 wedding dresses designed by specific designers like Carven Ong and Celest Thoi, and Kwan Yeow's family had actually built a private villa besides the family home, he said whoever married first will get that, to me, I made a joke is in fact a mating hub hehe... for many babies to come. So we did a few shots in the private villa.  

Hey, really thanks for having me Ji San and Kwan Yeow, though it is a small event but it seemed that we had known each other for a very long time. All the best to you both.