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Dear all, its been a fantastic year in 2012, I received a big present from NTV7 on valentines day! I was surprised that they have added a few clips about me in the video clip, a big thank you to NTV7 for featuring me. Its my second time to be featured on TV. The first one was 15 years ago LOL. Well the feature was great, just only I found that I have gained many weight compared to the first one. Time flies pretty fast.

Before you click the link, maybe I can write some of my stories behind the words that I have spoken. When I was a little kid (don't worry, I won't bored you with a long story :p), my dad had told me if I score good in my result, I can reach to the moon, he said that was many people's dream, and it made me feel like I wanted to be an astronaut. And over the years I have been visioning this similar trait, of course in the old days, if anyone that is good in physics, math and art, of course people will ask me to pursue science. Over the years, schools have been honoring more on nerdy people than artistic people. So I have been treating art as my hobby, I love to draw, to take pictures, to read, to sing, I did many things but my main trait was science. And people have been telling me that, those people that studied science will have a better future. And schools have been educating me that professionals can earn more. Nobody have asked me to be a CEO. :p So I venture myself and become an engineer, did my studies in the States and earned a degree in Aerospace Engineering. Worked in an Airline for 7 years and ended my carreer as a Contracts Manager in the Engineering Department to pursue something what I really feel like doing, which is ART.

You know, when I was young, I wanted to achieve a lot of things, but all those things are about myself. My dream was to be nominated as one of the TEN OUTSTANDING YOUNG MALAYSIAN by doing a lot of innovative work in a corporate world. But overtime, my perception changed, after 30s which I had persued the knowledge I wanted, the experience I have gained, I began to think WHAT CAN I CONTRIBUTE TO THE WORLD. And I began to realized many things and pursue photography as my new carreer. Pictures can speak many things, after went through my process of switching my career, I noticed that many people are relectant to change and live their lives with their dreams being abandoned. And by doing photography I have received mails from young individuals about what should they do in their lives after they graduate. Its not like in the old days where people have less selections in their lives. Therefore my vision had turned to young individuals, with my experience and persistantcy, I hope my work and my profession can inspire more young individuals to look back about themselves and lead them to a brighter side of life. I have also found that we do not have a lot of Hero's in Malaysia, which is someone that we inspired and able learn from his vision, someone that willing to sacrifice like Ghandi and Mother Teresa, someone that can spent their whole life searching for a clue to cure cancer. And many individuals have lost their spirit and become materialistic. Most that have been inspired have left to overseas. Therefore I made myself as one, I do not think I am the best one but I have pictures as my tool. Hopefully with pictures I am able to tell individuals a message behind, something positive that can make their heart shine, something happy, something that can make the couple love each other more, something that able to create an impact in their lives. Hopefully in the future, we can see more individuals with spirit, and work extra hard to move a step forward. This will remain as my dream!

Hope you love this video clip. Thanks everyone that have seen it, and experienced it. Thanks for supporting my views and vision, and glad that many of you have loved my photography. I also want to give a big thanks to my mom and dad that have supported me, they did not stop me for pursuing my dream, but giving me freedom to prove myself. Thanks to them, hugz.

For this year of the dragon, I am open to educational organizations from high schools to colleges to invite me for a speech and allow me to help student finding their own world in their lives. Below here is one of the speech I have did last year. This is my little vision for this year aside from my photography work. To inspire.

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