Its so hard to select pictures for this video, but here it is~ my first promo video after few years... Actually there is a title for this slide, its called "A Woman's Symphony", 送给女人的交响曲. It describes all aspect of women's emotion when they in love. When I shoot more pictures I began to understand women more, they seemed complicated but there are a lot of sacrifices when they began to give in themselves to their love ones, sometimes they'll feel confused, missing their love ones, submissive, sweet, thoughtful, hopeful, looking forward, forgiving, etc, to spend their life with the one they love. Love can be in many different stages, and in life it is indeed complicated. What I hope to present is their purest part in them, which many time in real life we felt so hard to express. With photography I discovered a lot in them, many tears have dropped, many stories have heard, they all are unique individuals with a unique theme. This is one of the thing that kept my passion going. Thanks to everyone of you!