It was nice to cover Song Hui & Mei Yee's pre-wedding, both of them actually went through a long term relationship and spend their most of the time in Sydney and now settled down in Penang. I still remember Mei Yee told me that Sydney is a city for lovers and they built a strong relationship back then. Thanks to Pei Pei who introduced this couple to me. There are a lot of elements that spoke about the meaning of love and love is not just simply about smiles and laughters, but also include many elements such as missing and sacrifices too. When Mei Yee went back to Penang to settle down, Song Hui quit his job and followed Mei Yee back, to Mei Yee, Song Hui is a guy who understand her most, and he is a man with a lot of patience. There is indeed a higher element than love, after a couple had spent their time with emotions, love has upgraded to something more greater, which is life itself. Both of this couple enjoy sharing their life together, a world that is more greater than love, it is a relationship. That's the reason I created a theme for them. They are such a nice couple; Mei Yee is a bride who has many worries and Song Hui is the man who able to comfort her, giving her the strengh she needs. However, I noticed that Mei Yee has a higher potential inside of her when I listened to how she talks. One day, Mei Yee actually text me and commented that we have something similar, which is the way we see our work. And one of Mei Yee's friend who is one of my couple for the coming Melbourne pre-wedding trip, she commented that there is something different in my pictures, her friend told me that the pictures I portray has some form of a inert beauty, a beauty expresses through joy. She were unable to tell me the exact meaning of that feeling but somehow I know what she is talking about. :) 

Thanks for having to cover your pre-wedding, it is indeed my pleasure and I will never forget both of you, our time spent together in Love Lane and Lone Pine. And not to forget, the nicest food ever tasted there. hehe. All the best to both of you.



Dennis Yap