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Both Jerry and Sheryl are lawyers by profession, when you hear about the word lawyer most might think they are somewhat nerdy and stiff but actually both of them are filled with emotions in the heart. Had spent a great deal of time communicating about the wedding shoot, reason being (I did not tell them) both of them having a high expectations about the outcome of the pictures, and to me, expectations will actually kill the authenticity of the shoot. Both of them living in Singapore, and it is much harder for me to abolish their fear because most of them actually very concern about how their friends comment about their pictures, leaving them without freedom to express their true self and understand what important things to leave behind the pictures . Some of you that reading this might wonder what its it about. Well, to be brief, you know in school, our education had failed to educate us the 2 most important thing in everyone's life, first is teach us how to fall in love, and the other one is to be free. And in turn, I have to end up educating the couple how to be free and love freely. I know both of them have tried very hard and for Asians I understand is difficult but I am very pleased with their attitude and positive thinking.

Jerry is an emotional man, when you hear how he speak, it is indeed very deep in his feelings, feelings more than words can tell because he may be not very expressive. While Sheryl, who used to be Jerry's superior at work, Jerry did have a big courage to date his superior hehe... Sheryl is indeed a lady  with a very strong character, filled with corporate bossy personality, yes I tried so hard to kill her corporate manner before the shoot which I felt also one of the thing that will kill the authenticity LOL. Well really focus on this Korea trip hehehe... well sometimes we manage to kill this much and we have tried to do our best. Sheryl loves Korean drama, she watch the Korean series until she know how to speak a little Korean, and she does look like Korean by the way. 

I am glad that we managed to capture so many nice shots, now waiting for her sister to get married hehehe.... thanks Jerry and Sheryl, so many encounters have gone through, its all memorable, and once in a while I do recall those memories.

I'm pleased that Wedding Notebook had featured us in this series, you may read about it here:

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