Really thanks to Yeow Hwee & Lilian for having me. I remember the first time I met this couple from Singapore was through Facebook, and right at the moment I found something quite in common with Lilian and me was we both like the book that people seldom read, which was the book by Milan Kundera, The Unbearable Lightness of Being. Right at the moment I felt that Lilian might be a strong thinker and quite excited to cover her. 

Lilian is a very nice person, it was nice to put me up in Mandarin Orchard, which is where the wedding dinner was held. Both of them came to see me a day before and we discussed a little and Lilian wanted a short portrait session in between. Both of them is lovely and sweet, and loving the color theme. Usually people have stereotypes about people working in Barclays but they are just fun, though I believe the nerdy part is still with them hehe. Fall in love with many of their shots, all of them are just so real and genuine. The most important is they we really had lots of fun that day, not really like a procedures and such. Also loving the venue they had in Singapore, good choice for selecting Mandarin Orchard, though running around in that venue require some skills but its all worked out pretty well. I was shooting with a videographer that day and he appreciate my slideshow that day saying it is different from the others. I really honour his words because appreciations is hard to come by from a fellow Singaporeans. Loving every part of it, especially Lilian has this really sharp eyes, when you see her in real person, you might get the first impression that she might be a fierce lady but in fact after a while, the sharp eyes that she has is her most attractive part. Bravo Yeow Hwee~ I really wish to see both of you again.