Met Eddie in Kelly's wedding way then, I remember Eddie came over to talk to me and we were discussing about Kelly's wedding slideshow, he told me that the pictures I presented was different and he likes it. After a while Eddie called me up while I was shooting an assignment in Singapore and we met up in a shopping mall. Had some drinks and food, nice chat. Eddie and Julia are a unique match, where Julia really enjoy Eddie's company and Eddie just feel comfortable with Julia and they love food. LOL. During the shoot Eddie brought over a guy who also interested on photoshooting and 2 other friends, we all ventured into Frim where they love the greens and such. We started with a short session back in Ara Damansara a little, made some shots in Wondermilk, and got chased out by Wondermilk because we did not get permit LOL. But we got all the shots for that location, I can't share with you the shots captured in Wondermilk because I think it is against their rules if I use those shots for commercial or blog purposes. Maybe next time. :) Thanks Eddie and Julia, many encounters were had gone through, they are one of the couple I will remember, well actually I remember most of them, and writing down all those memories will enable me to recall them.