Yien Wah is the sister of one of my old friend back in college, a wedding day tea ceremony that is filled with joy and laughers, while Marcus from Germany get to experience the totally new experience. Marcus was a little nervous at first but end up quite enjoying the whole wedding day ceremony process. It was a blessful day to witness one of the best tea ceremony organised. The tea ceremony started by Yien Wah's elder sister pouring the tea, explaining the reason for the tea ceremony and such, and it all happened beautifully.

Yien Wah is living all the way in the US now and seldom get to visit home, and now she is making up in her old bedroom, which the family preserved its originality for her while she was away, and I just love to capture her together with the picture of her mom and dad getting married, I believe this picture will give significant meaning over the years. This family were filled with joy and emotions. And ended making a few fall with tears while looking at the slideshow.