After Eddie and Julia's pre-wedding in Malaysia, finally its their wedding day in Singapore. Both of them are true lovers for God that is why this day is very significant both of them. I still recall what the pastor had said to Eddie and Julia, that a marriage is not just the wedding day but its a everlasting commitment, and Eddie and Julia agreed so, Julia gave Eddie a happy look, truly satisfied with what they have gone through with each other. Both of them are indeed like the happiest couple of the day, the joy that expressed from both of their heart, rejoice together with the Lord. Me and Eddie had quite a long story from engaging my service until the wedding day, and during their wedding dinner, Eddie's superior had spoke about Eddie's character that he is a person that will never try to judge you or even make you feel unhappy, Eddie will try his best to make you feel good by all means. I really agreed with what his superior had spoke about Eddie and I believe it is a great virtue to learn from him, because in life, it is really hard to make everyone happy at the same time.