Photography is a business, but it serve as a platform to accomplish greater goals - to contribute to the society, to inspire new generations, to extend the relationships of one another, to bring back our true self, and to stimulate more great people for many generations to come. Making the world a better place.

Today I made a birthday wish, my wish was hoping that more younger generations can be inpired from my small little vision. If you asked me what kind of vision I have, my answer will be from my work, my slideshows, my hard work, all in my life and pictures. Its a little hard to be specific, it is equally challenging to address as well. One need to be sensitive to discover that. Though I have a lot to say about it but I will reserve it for next occasion. I can't seemed to sleep tonight because there are simply too many things to do and I need to sit down and see where shall I start from. For this year I have cut down 30% of my capacity in order for me to achieve it and I know time is running out and I need to make full use of it asap. I will keep you updated. :)