I travel your length, like a river, 
I travel your body, like a forest, 
like a mountain path that ends at a cliff 
I travel along the edge of your thoughts, 
and my shadow falls from your white forehead, 
my shadow shatters, and I gather the pieces. 
-Octavio Paz-

Makeup and Hairdo: Remy Ngan

Its been a while since I use a poem for a theme. A mountain path is a theme created for Ivan and Eurris to signifies something memorable, something small yet big. Yes, everyone love good scenaries but those small little elements inside them carried out a larger picture of the theme. Ivan and Eurris had both registered their marriage few years ago and had not done their recemony part, only recently they had been called to plan for their wedding recemony and that was how I came into the picture to shoot their pre-wedding. :) Well not so "pre" after all, both had spent their marriage life for a while and I was so happy to see them blend with each other so well. I guess that is the power of "life". Although I have shot this place in Kundasang for numerous times but each time is different. The decision for this location was not happened just like that, this is the place where Ivan proposed to Eurris! So nice, a place for them to recall back old memories. Eurris was a little nervous at first before the trip where she afraid that Ivan might not smile, she said that Ivan only smile to the people he knew best, well I was surprised that he did his best and we had a great time together in this beautiful place. Ivan do smile~ Eurris is a bride that will make me remember, all from her nice character. A night before the shoot, Eurris handed me and Remy a gift, I was surprised because that was the first time I had received a gift from my couple before the shooting day haha... well it did made me a little stress at first. :p And another thing I kept on recalling about Eurris was, when we getting ready for the shoot, she said to herself "I felt so beautiful". It was the sweetest thing to hear. When a person felt that she is pretty, many things can happen, including my shots. Throughout the day, the session went so well, and I do really felt glad for them, that they decided to do a pre-wedding shot to remember those important things between them. Something that stimulated their love, emotions, and I believe they will take back something great beside the pictures. Remember both of you, always. 


Dennis Yap