Kim and Joveen is one of the couple that gone through a long tern relationship, I have to say that most of my couple's were actually around 7 years of relationship which I do not know why, the longest relationship was 14 years, and the oldest groom was actually 43 years old hehe. When I get to know more about Kim & Joveen, I realised that Kim is actually a sentimental man, who can cry in front of you and easily touched by small little things. We spoke about the value of pictures that I am about to provide and at that moment I can see tears almost fallen from Kim. There is indeed so much love within them and I just have to dig it out one by one during the shooting day. The most I know how sentimental how this couple is, the more treasure I began to tailor the shooting day. Both of them actually met in a CD shop, and music is one of the elements that brought them together. Aside from the sunny weather during the day, the later part was quite gloomy, its like a fairytale, tried my best to bring this couple closer and more natural as it can be and Kim is a guy who has many thoughts in his mind. Thanks for having me.