Know Joshua a while ago because he is one of the wedding photographer in Malaysia. The time I met Joshua I categorised him as one of the nerdy photographer, later when Joshua contacted me and said that he is getting married and ask for my quote I was surprised that he actually like my pictures, and get to know about his nerdy part of him was in fact going through some hard times in relationships. Both Joshua and Sam had gone through many years of relationship and of course many things happened in between but both of them had finally found each other and decided that its time to tie the knot. Sam trusted my works because she felt that I am able to express their relationship because we both shared similar educational background, both of us are actually from Independent schools and usually people from Chinese Independent schools have this so called nerdy and emotional part. We gone through some coffee time listening about their relationship and of course, it's simply never enough because they have gone through so many years of relationship LOL... and so we went to this decent place called Dusun Garden Fairies for their gown shot and wanted some old china feel for their casual shot but it ended with heavy down pour so we rescheduled the second session to other occasion. And surprisingly the day we did the casual shot was also raining so we opt for the shot in Publika. This is a unique couple who always bring down pours, check out my stories about their wedding day, it was heavy down pour as well LOL, its not my fault, hahah.... but it ended nicely.

Butter & Strawberry, both are weird mix but if you add a little effort they taste awesome together. :) Theme created for Joshua and Sam.