Get to know this couple from my dad as both of them actually graduated in Melbourne and came back to Malaysia to expand her mom's flower business, while Sally from China followed with Daniel to venture the business together. When Daniel said he wanted a wedding which is very personal, just with close friends and families, I got pretty excited because it's actually something I like for a wedding occasion. Moreover, the wedding is going to be held in Gem Island, a small little island that able to occupy around 100 pax, I get even more excited LOL. Travelling to this island is a bit of hassle but thank you Daniel and Sally, they really treat us like their own guest. The unique thing about this island is not the island itself, it is the sky, at night we get to see many stars as there are not many lights around the area. I have to preserve my own energy and I did not really went for the Kayak, which I should, felt a little regret not doing so hehe. All in all, it is an awesome island. Thanks to this lovely couple, they had organised quite a number of activities try to keep us moving.