When I first met up with Belle, she has this unique cartoon look with her glasses on, she is considered one of the beautiful bride in the list. We spoke about how the photography is run and Belle wanted something natural and we decided to pick her home as the pre-wedding location, signifies her life after marriage, having a cup of coffee, reading a book of magazine, like life is so sweet and comfort, a lifestyle that many bride wanted. And Paul love cars and he wanted include his cars in the picture to show his manly character, all protecting husband. We took the shot in Glenmarie Cove. I thought for a while on how to match the car and the naturalist look in the album but it sort of matches together in a theme. Jovial Adoration is a theme created for Paul and Belle, an album might not be eye catching at present time but over the years it might become more valuable for them. When Belle told me the story about her relationship and how she look forward to her future marriage life, it is hope that the pictures created serve as a highlight of those happiness moments and further enhances the relationship each and everyday.