Known JC for a while since he joined my first workshop and after knew that he is actually my high school junior. Both JC & June had a very long relationship together and JC has always been the sweet one, always understands and caring, never had a bad temper. From my observation, both of them click together with numerous reasons and that was how I came up with the theme Side by Side for this lovely couple. Side by side, whenever both is side by side, many laughter and happiness happened from there. When we spoke about the theme for the pre-wedding shot, JC wanted something elegant from me and they have picked Carcosa as their primary destination, I then asked why not we do something fun and enjoying as it expresses both of them the most, the elegant session might be a little difficult for them but we went to do it anyhow hehe. The elegant session that JC and June wanted was a little difficult because it is not how they usually react so we end up with posing and such hehe, June almost give up on it :p. The fun session was way too easy, the hello kitty part and the garden session went very smooth, everything is just happen naturally. Really felt happy for JC and June.

We really wanted everyone to be who they are and reflect how they used to react with each other, thats why we spent numerous effort trying to educate each couple to forget about their expectations and try to look within themselves, the most important things they really want to leave behind. That will remain as our principle.