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Finally, its about time to launch my 4th workshop "The Hidden Treasure" that focuses to produce something that is real. I am pretty excited about this workshop and had waited a long time to launch it. Thanks to ExxonMobil for giving me this chance and you guys will be witnessing and experiencing a new genre of photography. This workshop is given to ExxonMobil employee only but I will launch another one soon if I have time to organize it again. This workshop/seminar is part of my plan to contribute to humanity by giving critique to many social defects and what our role as a photographer has to contribute to curing those defects. It will be a very interesting discussion indeed. Of all 3 workshops that I have done for 8 times in the past (The Natural Element, The Spirit of Emotions, The Sky is Blue), "The Hidden Treasure" is a discussion of a great dicipline of photography that seldom being addressed in public. The content that will be discussing here will fall under a great virtue of why Dennis Yap had started his career as a phtographer and still pursuing it, simply because of a treasure that he wanted to address to everyone. See you there folks~ 

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