Met up with this lovely couple a while ago and both of them are those funny ones who love to share anything with you, their lives, relationships, the past present and future. Both of them are actually Salsa teachers back in Australia, I guess that made them a very outgoing couple. They have 2 days of wedding activities but due to personal issues I can only cover the first day of their ceremony. It was quite a cozy and fresh ceremony. After the end of the day, I still remember that the dad told me that I am a good photographer, I guess mainly because I've managed to make most of the people look pretty and happy lol, with good intentions. And I also remember that Navvii posted in my facebook mentioned that they are very glad that can able to hire me, which made me feel great for a long time. For that moment I felt that I love my job very much, and thats another reason I love to be a wedding photographer :). Thanks for having me Navvii and Shankkar, I do wish all my couple can be as nice as you both, that feeling is like we are good friends when we met, lets keep that feeling going, do hope to see both of you again, maybe in Sydney.