When I first got in touch with Bernard and Jolin, I did not know that Bernard is a high profile guy until he spoke about it. If you do not know who is Bernard, in layman understanding, he is the guy called 豆腐卜 that works in Astro Chinese TV channel and is one of the well known people in the industry, and also an attractive one for many ladies. Surely this day Bernard has broken many hearts ^^ when he announce about his wedding. I remember that we all met up in SS2 Starbucks and Jolin was the quiet one and Bernard does all the talking. My first impression on Bernard was an outspoken buy though I wish I could be as energetic as him hehe. We shared many thoughts and vision and we all agreed about it. Bernard specifically mentioned that he wanted moments with his family and I start to imagine why. He shared with me the story between him and his dad and he seemed to be quiet emotional about it. And you know what, surprisingly, this couple is holding "The Most Cry" award in my list.  The wedding day turned out to be filled with tears and laughter.

When I mentioned to Bernard that my shots will mostly be candid and not many poses and he agreed with it and gave me a high five. The love that this couple had expressed during the wedding day is abundant. For that moment I wish that these moments can last forever. The gate crash session was ok because Bernard was not very fond with it, the tea ceremony was the friendliest ever that the couple expresses to their parents, many candids and such. The blessing ceremony in Maya Hotel was a private event for invited guest only. The whole event from blessing ceremony to wedding dinner were filled with Astro crews.

I am very glad to be the none sponsored photographer in this event. To many people, getting a job for celebrity is critical to increase their profile and exposure, and many people sponsored their work for marketing purposes. I am very happy that this job were all paid by the couple which means that we both honour our work and creativity. I had been approached a few times by other celebrity to sponsor my work and I refused. I wonder why celebrity has to be sponsored or ask for sponsorship. To me, my honest believe is, if I really love my wife, I would use something I really preferred , rather to something that is free. And I also understand that many celebrity doesn't has a choice, that remain a tough part. :)

Really thanks to Bernard and Jolin for showing me all the essentials of your love. I hope to see you both again someday. Cheers.