One day I was called up by my old friend Lane, a wedding planner from My Wedding Planner and got assigned to cover the wedding of Jwen Hxen & Linda, both of them are actually civil engineers, to me Jwen is the all loving one in the heart, hardly expressed through actions and Linda is the one who is knowledgeable in many things. Thanks to My Wedding Planner, the wedding had turned out to be a very steady one, meaning that everything was very smooth with not many distractions. The decorations went very well, the church was great, just only the emotions were a little reserved from Jwen hehe. At the end of the dinner, during the toasting session, Jwen and Linda were asked to kiss and they did, for a very long time and I was observing Jwen's hand and he was not holding her while he is kissing, I figured that the pictures might turned out to be awkward and started to think if I need to make some minor corrections on this beautiful shot. And guess what, I did! For the first time. And I heard a number of laughters, in a humorous way. Sometimes I realised that it is quite tough to be a photographer, hehe, its not all about photography actually, many things I did was just to guide people on how to love, and many of my sessions seemed to turned out to be an enlightening one. That mainly because in school we hardly learned about love and in real life, the word LOVE became an important thing in our lives, which I constantly educate, so that pictures can turned out to be great. During the exchange of rings, it reminded me a very important homework about love, 

"When you put on her ring on her finger, she will put on your ring on yours, love has a lot to do about the cycle..."

Many thanks to Jwen and Linda, in life, the journey of love never ends, we continue to learn new things in life. :) Also thanks for having me.