It was my first time to meet Kok Siong and Sammi during the wedding dinner where this time I am shooting in Noble House, a small little chinese restaurant in Kuala Lumpur. When Sammi told me that both of them are actually working for the ministers office and seemed to looked a little shy, I was thinking, there is indeed nothing wrong to work for the ministers office even though most people does not like the big man behind the scene, hehe. My most challenging task was to make this simple wedding dinner look awesome without the help of beautiful decorations and any extraordinary stuffs around. Thanks to the lovely couple and funny crowd, I was quite enjoying the night, shooting candid's all day, where Sammi's friends were observing me how to capture the night, a few guys came over to me asking me about photography stuffs and we had a little discussions over. Both Kok Siong and Sammi are very nice couple, they just treated me like a friend whom they know for many years. At the end of the wedding dinner, Sammi came to me and said that she was thankful that I am around and was glad that she is able to engage me. At that moment, I felt like I have done something extraordinary for them.