Met Jeff and Phyllis from another wedding in Kota Kinabalu and had been communicating with Phyllis numerous of times and she is just too sweet. Love and be a unique journey, some people gone through a long process of understanding and some just need little time to fully understand, for Jeff and Phyllis, their journey is short. Jeff made his brave proposal to Phyllis because he just love her so much, seriously I would do the same if I were Jeff. Phyllis had a while of decision making, and I just love walking behind this couple and see how Phyllis melt Jeff's heart with her deep deep kisses. There is a little bit of a journey I haven't seen within them which is the journey of experience, which I believe might be important for them in this relationship. Just trying to make this photo session more interesting, everything has been done to stimulate the understanding of a future relationship, like caring, considerate, and many many more. When I saw Jeff used his finger to hold further of Phyllis in the above picture, I can realize that Jeff actually loving more, but life has not brew into that state yet. And so I made this theme, wishing that it can complete them, everyday, in many years to come.