There is so much to spoke about this couple, where Ying Hao is a PHD working in Melbourne and Melissa works in Singapore. My first impression about this couple is a nerdy and sentimental mix. Both person seperated in a long distance relationship, and very surprised that nerdy Ying Hao was in fact quite obsessive in nature hehe, longing to take control of everything. I am sure it is normal for a man with long distance relationship. Both of them had gone through lots and finally found a sweet spot where both person able to be comfortable with and decided to get married. Because of this, my initial plan for them was to ask Ying Hao to anticipate everything in the shooting session, to be the best guy in the world for Melissa on that special day. I hope Ying Hao  had felt so much about the day itself if he really able to cherish the authentic moments of a life time. However, not everyone is able to focus on that authentic point. Regardless of how each person perceive the outcome, I understand that time will tell the difference, about the hard work seeded within them.