Dear ALL, happy 2013, along with our no shark fin campaign, we will start a new campaign called "Support Positive Pictures" for this year~ yes if you wonder what is it, it is pictures that promote positive element. The world we see is in need of these kind of pictures, not moody, not lonely, not sad, not left alone, not struggle.

Over the years of photographic experience we have witness many pictures that has good element and negative element, and often times those negative pictures have been put on top of award list. A good example are those pictures that show environmental polutions, kids sufferings and victims of natural desasters. For some reason, our Asian culture has a lot to do with it as well, greatly influenced from negative colors from taiwan, people that enjoyed looking at negative elements oftens times have learned to enjoy negative moments. We very much concerned about what kind of impact our couples experienced when they see their pictures. And often times those pictures we saw in facebook are mostly pictures with bride being alone, longing, waiting, composition with negative impact, moody, or even colors that might saddened the souls. We understood that often times our complicated souls are able to feel deeply with these pictures. However, we also believe that everyone has the will to choose, and we can always turn positive in the next minute. And we are able to heal the sould for those that seek to be healed. Therefore, Support Positive Pictures campaign is to promote more pictures with positive elements so that we can see more positive things in this present world, and we believe those pictures can also heal many souls. In turn the world can be a happier place, allowing individuals to realize their dreams.

2013 is a great year to turn things towards the positive side. Over time we will be showing positive elements on many side from words to pictures, from pictures to stories, also we are very honored to have Elegante Wedding to be working closely with us on this. Lets save the world, and our souls. We will show you how great to be positively driven. Stay tune and we love to hear your support~ :D

Lastly, Be real~ Be yourself~ Be happy!!