Just found out Shy Wei is a friend of a bride I shot a while ago in Melbourne. When I heard about the story of Shy Wei, my mind began to imagine a lot of things. As told that Shy Wei had gone through a couple of hard times in the past and I was finding a way to mend the history through pictures and also how to make the session felt more wonderful so it can heal the one that looked at the pictures. Though Shy Wei did not know about it when I shot her, it all was kept secretly hehe.

However, we encounter a new problem during the assignment, during the shooting day, Shy Wei had eye infection and her eyes were all reddish which we about to call off the shot. We still remain as is and continue the shoot with some minor preparations. Me and Remy was quite careful with her, the most important thing was we must not be infected due to the reason that we have other assignments on hand and it may seem unprofessional to be infected even we knew about the problem. And after the shot I had another issue to settle which is her eyes LOL, it is fortunate that there are not many touch ups to be done for her eyes, but not of the touch ups were done on her arm and her tummy hehe, reason because she was pregnant.

The theme Love Keep Breathing is a theme created for Yew Yi and Shy Wei for an indication that love must keep breathing at every minute. And the theme was also to reflect the one inside Shy Wei, a baby about to be born inside of her at that moment. The session was done in a very candid manner, most of the shots were asked to be anticipated by the couple so the shots is really breathing with love anticipated by one another. Right after I sent over the slideshow, Shy Wei message me in the midnight said that she watched it over many times and had tears falling off, so I have succeeded to make a bride cry again hehe. I believe there are many reason why a person was touched and fall with tears, many unknown reasons, but having experience this process will enable one to feel more like a human being, able to touch love in a naive manner.  

Thanks to Shy Wei and Yew Yi, looking forward to see your baby really soon.