Jay & Rebecca was introduced by Lane Ho from My Wedding Planner, a friend of mine who has been working quite closely a couple of times. So we met up together in Le Petit Studio, Jay is an architect and he was browsing our studio and fell in love with the cozy idea, at first we was looking to do have the pre-wedding taken in an abandoned warehouse but later we had chosen to have the pre-wedding photography taken in Sekeping Tenggiri, one of the famous place to have a wedding gate crash. The idea behind the Sentimental Mood was to produce memorable pictures that is natural and candid, moments initiated by Jay and Rebecca, treating that day to discover something new, a day to experience the genuine part of each other. And so they brought over his construction attire and Rebecca brought over her nurse attire to blend both profession together in this lovely theme. We tried to metaphor a little while Jay suppose to be sitting at his favourite table, checking out his drawings, and Rebecca came over to deliver a cup of coffee over to Jay, and from that moment onwards everything just flow in, and we start to do some funny things after that. Jay and Rebecca love the black and white theme, its very classic as they told.