Recalling back old memories where I still have my own home studio, Jasmine and her family came over for a short meeting in my home. Anderson and Jasmine were having a long distance relationship where Anderson is living in Australia. So Jasmine handled most of the wedding plans. This group of people were belong to the True Jesus Church, where my grandmother used to attend. Slowly I discovered more about this church while covering their wedding day. They had both wedding dinner and wedding day on separate days, Jasmine had her wedding dinner first in Eastin Hotel. This unique group of people had a different personality, especially those belong to the church, most of them dressed up nicely and many are hakka. I had time to discover a little more about this church and found that their Church in Klang is different from the Church in PJ where my grandmother used to visit. Awaiting to discover more about the differences. It was my personal interest to learn about different religions and churches when I was young, this churhc is no stranger to me hehe. Where most of them spoken in tongues, to ordinary people might feel intimidated. Aside from this, I saw love based on a strong platform of God, it can be unexpressive like other churches but inside of them is plenty of love. Surprised to see an old friend of mine Nai Kong, who is currently Malaysia's well known music producer is inside the wedding. And now awaiting to cover their church wedding tomorrow.