Yong Bin and Lidya are both fashion designers where Yong Bin actually owned a tailor shop in Johor Bharu. When I first got assigned by Lidya I was very honored for getting the assignment, especially from a designer. There has been so much understanding from Lidya, understood that we all are very busy with our task and she has been very patient with me all the way. When they both came over to Kuala Lumpur for a discussion, both of them understood our style which is something they most look forward for. Yong Bin does not like to pose and doesn't want very artistic touch ups, its a very personal taste which he said that it is difficult to find in Johor Bharu. So we decided to have the pre-wedding session in the UK Farm in between JB and KL. There are many possibilities in this location, though I have seen many people have done in especially the bridal studios so this time we do it differently, I think the main difference about this session is all about natural beauty, which is the genuine and honesty within the pictures.

When I spoke to Yong Bin, I realised that he is indeed an animal lover and his dream was to have a farm of his own, and own a few horses or sheep in the country side, totally different from his actual job. So he was quite excited to sit on the horse in the shot lol. With You Eternally is a theme created for both of them, based on Lidya's caring personality and against to Yong Bin's busy schedules. As they work together most of the time, so I guess this theme fits them very well. There are many elements and chemistry within their relationship which is not easy to put it into words, but this very day in UK Farm they spent a day mingling with horses and sheep, and most of the time we were trying to enjoy the day. Thanks to this lovely couple. Hope to see both of you someday in JB.