Our family used to be a dog pet owner, our first dog Duffy passed away when she was 14 years old and Brandy passed away when he was 14 years old as well. Dogs have been a great companion for us for over 25 years and my parents are unable to be responsible for another dog because of their age. Since after both had left us, my family had missed having one so much and even went to take care of a stray dog near our home, and once in a while visit some pet shops to recall back old memories. 

For a sudden I recalled, we simply do not have a proper photo with our dog, and over 25 years we did not have a single family portrait, whenever I realised its simply too late for that. Therefore, in order to keep the love going, I have thought about taking dog portrait assignments as we simply have too many memories with them. Dogs just click with us.  

So this day, thanks to my friend who allow me to capture some photos of her dog to kick start the plan. I am sure you will able to relate our heart with you in the picture. Do let us know if you keen to have one with us. Cheers.