It was an unforgettable encounter for everyone, Joseph had his unforgettable encounter during the gate crash where has to eat all the weird local foods in Malaysia, which considered a tasty food for the locals. A groomsman of Joseph actually commented that the pig tongue actually quite tasty. For my unforgettable encounter was meeting the bride. Vee Ann is a unique bride where she love to jump around, doing moves, hyperactive and cheerful, everything has to have an amount of freedom in space for her, so she actually picked a very comfy gown for the wedding day, which I personally love it very much. Just love the crowds on this special day, everyone was very cheerful and fun. For the slideshow, I figured that the wedding was quite fun and lots of humorous contents, so I made a different slideshow to this very day, and the slide was pretty much simple, to make everyone laugh, in a humorous way, and the crowd that night was laughing out loud, I guess it was a success lol. It was such a nice day to end the wedding, simple and nice, cheerful and lots of laughters.