Alex and June are both very nice couple, the first time I communicate with June it was quite a relaxing conversation, and Alex was one of the nicest guy I have met. The day I arrived Singapore, June and Alex got me in a very nice room, I was surprised that the hotel had prepared a bottle of champaign and some chocolates, I think they got me into the bridal room lol. My first impression with Alex was this guy is really huge and muscular, after get to know him and found that he is actually quite bold, sensitive and confident, well suited June's personality as June should be quite gentle type of girl. June and Alex had a baby before the wedding day, was very unique to cover a wedding with a baby sleeping beside her. The morning when I got into June's room and ready to cover her big day with a videographer, June commented that we are very on time, I was curious about her comment and noticed that the make up artist have not arrived, hmm... we waited a little longer for the make up artist to show up and for the first time, it didn't. June were very stressed and nervous and we all tried to calm her down, the whole wedding schedule got delayed for more than 1 hour. Her phone was not reachable and she had to call all over to a photographer who went to China for assignment from a Bridal Studio in Singapore but end up nil joy. Suddenly a girl with the same name from China showed up did her make up, but it was a little difficult to cover her by then because she hardly ever smile anymore. But later after Alex arrived and end of the day, I finally see her joy, and Alex gave her the comfort she wanted. Thanks to Alex and June for having me, I hope to see both of you again someday, sometimes I did recall the moment we had together, and hope you love the pictures. :)