Hi Wondermilk,

I'm very upset with your reply. Frankly saying I was surprised. I'm not trying to argue here but there are shops that are glad to offer a space for normal people who wanted to leave their memories for themselves, as your reply you have made it impossible for people to do so. I'm not sure about the non-closure charges, for a normal people, without notifying wonder milk can simply walk in, have a coffee and use their DSLR to shoot their friends in your facilities, and they are not being told to stop. I'm just curious, what are the difference between us and them? Because we have asked wondermilk (just because we are nice) and wondermilk want to insert a commercial interest in our proposal. You need a clear policy between commercial and personal interest. 

We seeing your company is started to grow recently, this policy clearly has disappointed many of us. But, you are not the only company I'm sure, but I hope these companies can look further ahead because they are indeed your loyal customers, some people met new friends in wondermilk, some people fell in love, some people had such a strong memory behind which I guess you have successfully created the space for these occurrence to take place, but you also need to honor them, giving them opportunity for them to leave their memory behind. You made them having a good memory in your shop, and finally they decided to get married and you charge them Rm600 just to tell them that you should have a fair share in their memories? This is bad. I'm not sure you able to get what I am saying. 

Regardless if its a gown or a casual wear, if its for personal interest your company should offer it free for public, because your company should do some good deeds for them because you are serving them right? Unless we put your work for commercial value, wondermilk can simply sue them if you see it, not a big issue as well. However, depend how your organization see it, inviting commercial shots (depend on your vision) can simply increase your noise level for free too, free marketing, more customers, more income, more expansions. To me the return is huge. 

Or is it because of me, I'm Dennis Yap, a professional photographer, thats why you want a fair share from the couple? Well, I'm just fulfilling their goals, they are the ones that you need to serve. I'm just talking on their behalf.