One day Beatrice contacted me through whatsapp and immediately we start talking once in a while, Beatrice is a wonderful person where she does not give you any hard times and will just make you feel good at all times. Was quite excited about the trip to Bintulu to cover her wedding as I love the East part of Malaysia so much, everyone were very nice indeed. A different culture, however during the shooting day I realised that we are all from the same church, and it feels like a family together and recalling the old days where I used to be very holy and loving the word of God, that is the part I missed most after i came back from the States and even as a professional photographer I do not think I am able to attend Church as much. But this trip really had brought my spiritual part back, and for this very day, I felt like home. When Beatrice told her family about my religion, everyone were rejoicing with the word "Amen", even when I responded that I am actually a 'lost sheep', a lady replied 'you are still a part of the body', and for that moment I felt so emotional, that spirit kept mingling within me over my flight back. And this trip, I've seen God. Hehe.... thanks to Nigel and Beatrice, I think it is God's call that made me flew all the way to Bintulu to be enlightened. :) May the Lord be with us, always, where we are, and when we are.