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As quoted by AsiaWPA, "Romantic, classic, elegant, memorable -- those are just a few words that come to mind after browsing your wedding photos on your website. We love the way that you capture the emotion and the true joy of your couples.  

In each major region in Asia, our election committee has elected some of the top wedding photographers. After a rigorous review process, we have elected you as one of the Top Wedding Photographers in your district. For a list of the elected Top Wedding Photographers in Asia and Mainland China. 

We have taken several months for this rigorous review process, including reviewing your portfolio, your reputation and your influence in your local wedding industry. Your fame in the Mainland China has also been taken into account. We personally reviewed your work and voted to name you as one of the Top Wedding Photographers in Malaysia."

Many thanks to AsiaWPA for recognising our work as one of the Top Wedding Photographers in the industry. Really thanks for this birthday present in this April, another milestone moving forward, as we do not believe in winning awards, endorsement is an amazing thing for us. Thanks for all your support, we hope to provide everyone with heart warming pictures that can last for a lifetime! Cheers!