Love Bali! Weng Wai & Lisa, my first couple to be shot for this trip. Both Weng Wai & Lisa are just very cute couple, where Lisa seemed very brave but she is in fact a girl that requires protection, noticed that while she hop on the camel ride LOL. It was nice to shoot something different for this day, some camels as requested by the couple, the lake which is very far away and we finished off with some nice sun beams~. Both Weng Wai and Lisa are very careful person where they tailored the session nicely and note down their attires one by one, I can see that they really appreciate the session because it is the day they would like to have something they would not want to be forgotten. If you have found me through wedresearch blog, the blog that spoke a lot of about weddings and such, she is the one who gave me a very positive comment. Took a very long time to complete their wedding album, reason being that their wedding had been delayed to end of 2014 so they are very relaxed about it. Hehe. Wish to see them again some day.