Maybe you agree with me if I say that, it is easy for an usual person to love but it is harder to love when ones gets smarter, that is why many smart professionals took a very long journey to understand the meaning of love. Yan Yang and Li Yuan is an exceptional case, where Li Yuan is actually a very smart girl in school, she is actually a legendary smart girl when she was young, and Yan Yang is a very smart professional too, both of them live in Singapore. When they engaged me for a pre-wedding shot, one of the special thing about them was they were very procedural, list down what they want and what they do not want and etc. The moment I saw I got a little worry because this might stop them for being real. So when I spoke to them about the priceless of being real, at first it is difficult for them to receive my idea, but over time i guess under my laughable charm I managed to persuade them a little hehe. So this very day in their pre-wedding, everything was a mixture of real and poses. But I was very touched that in the end of the day during the sunset, where Li Yuan hand over a small little gift to Yan Yang, we hide the gift until the very last moment, on top of the gift it wrote "love is giving", for that moment, filled with beautiful sunset, with all real emotions, I can say that, in life, we do not have that many chances to experience such moment especially in a very nice set ups. And the last 2 hours, it all went so well, Li Yuan cried with happy tears, and Yan Yang gave her a deep hug. Though in life, we are unable to be free in many things, but all I seek is at the possible last moment, something that can even change ones life, for a very long time. That's the hidden love from us.