If you ask me what kind of couple most loving, I can say in general Christians are. Though they are many loving couples out there but Christians kind of love have added the spiritual part in their love, that allow them to see things inside of the individual. For Hwee and Jenna's case, the most memorable shots was the praying part. I did not asked them what they pray together but I am sure it is something important. Though not to forget human beings love beautiful things and so Jenna is a kind of unique lady that would love her to look like an angel, and she love my sunlight shots, because she love it so much, I made the theme Summer Kind of Love in order to express her love for the Light. It was a long journey for the first day, we travelled to several places, got ourselves splashed with sea water during the early part of the shoot, that was interesting LOL, and Remy was screaming about her hair being wet heheh... If you see the 3rd picture on top, that was 1 second we all got splashed, well that was exciting, and to get all the nice shots we really need a fearless heart, at least for me, not sure about the couple hehe... as long I did not drop my camera body thats fine. Bali is something unique for me, every time I go to this place I get myself hurt somewhere, and for this time I was not sure what will I go through. Simply because of this Bali assignment trip, I got to make myself walk cross a river with my half body wet, climb through trees, hike up rocks, and maybe got bitten by some kind of species or animal, and thats only happen for the shooter because we need to do that in order to capture all these nice shots LOL. So Bali is in fact my top list of most tiring trip. For Jenna's case right after we shot the next couple a day after, I bumped up with them in Tanah Lot, and Jenna grabbed me and ask if I have the energy to do another half day shoot here in Tanah Lot, at first I was thinking "what can I shoot in tanah lot?" its all dark but they ended up confirming the shoot and so we went here during the early morning, and guess what, WOW, I did not know that the beam that came from the other side was so amazingly awesome! Its like... its like.... the light of God LOL. Well thats what I called it that day. I said, "hey look! Its the light of God, lets start praying~" we all got so excited and laughed, and we kept on looking those pictures from the camera screen and like WOW all the way back home. Well that series indeed had finally satisfied Jenna that day, where she needs the Light out from me.