Had lots of fun with Jake and Yu Hwan, they are the ones that are so truthful and real and they are very sincere kind of individual. Both of them really enjoy life together, even though it has been many years but they still find their time to travel around the world. I can see from Yu Hwan eye's that she is indeed found the man she wanted to spend her rest of her life with. There simply no stress to mingle with this two people. And we felt very thankful, finally our Bali assignment has come to an end and me and Remy are ready to pack our stuff to fly back home, Malaysia. Like I said, on every Bali trip I will hurt myself in some ways, for this time, I stepped on a sea urchin and it hurts so bad! Yea, the pictures were beautiful, but I have to watch my step all the way in order to approach my shots, and especially most of the shots were candid, acting fast is an issue hehe. Oh it was a tiring trip, wake up everyday before sun rise and reach home at night, and finally we will get some rest. Good bye Bali, I will see you again very soon after a few months time. And thanks to all our couple that trusted us along the way in this trip, you guys are really awesome. Had plenty of pork ribs and fried ducks, got to loose some weight now.