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Thanks to Kris from That Special Occasion and the team, we were invited to join this wedding fair. When we hear about the place Sandakan, it does raise a lot of questions, the first question would be, why Sandakan, LOL. Flew all the way to Sandakan just to open a few hours of wedding fair is indeed something we had never done before. But the main reason we join is because we love this place. The people are just great. From a couple of previous weddings we had assigned in Sandakan before, we had lots of good memories here. One of the thing we love is the very old St. Micheal Church in Sandakan, the church was simply amazing. And another thing we love is the English Tea House and Restaurant up on the hill of Sandakan city, a beautiful british colonial architecture which is very good for a wedding reception. So in turn, Sandakan is filled with potential for many nice memories and awesome pictures. Lets pray for more to come in Sandakan! ^_^